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New FCP 26-mph Club Members


By Ralph Frazier


February 25, 2008


Congratulations to Nick Frazier, David Goodman, and Johnny Mayero for joining our 26-mph Club with their result in Sunday's Hincapie Training Series' USCF Category 4 Circuit Race.  They raced 14 laps around the BMW Performance Center's race track in Greenville, SC.  Johnny placed sixth in the bunch sprint that included Nick, David, and Mike Tindol.  In addition to joining our 26-mph Club, Nick and David established FCP 16-year-old and 15-year-old Age Group Records with their performances.


Results for Nick Frazier, David Goodman, Johnny Mayero, and Mike Tindol

Hincapie Training Series, Category 4 Circuit Race

14.80 miles, 0:33:47, 26.285 mph


In the Junior's circuit race, five Frazier Cycling Age Group Records for speed were set:



Distance (miles) Time

Average Speed


FCP Record

Andrew Macrae

12.72 0:32:35 23.423

Jr. Men 13-year-old

Zoe Frazier

12.72 0:33:05 23.069

Jr. Women 13-year-old

Philip O'Donnell

11.66 0:32:35 21.471

Jr. Men 12-year-old

Ben Wellington

10.60 0:31:38 20.105

Jr. Men 11-year-old

Alexander Dijkema

10.60 0:34:10 18.615

Jr. Men 10-year-old