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Mike Tindol reaches 30,000 FCP Career Miles!

... it's not just about the miles...


By Ralph Frazier


October 17, 2008


Congratulations to Mike Tindol for becoming our first Partner to reach 30,000 career club miles!  After Thursday's Lunch-time 20-miler, Mike's career club mileage total stands at 30,003 miles in 1,062 club rides. 


This massive mileage total started a long time ago.  Mike's first FCP miles came way back on March 18, 1999.  For his first ride, he joined Joe Saliceti, Eric Witcher, and me for the Lunch-time 18-miler.  Here is the entry I made in my training diary for that ride:


18.26 miles, 0:50:15, 21.80 mph

70, wind: West 11-18 mph, partly cloudy

Rode the 18-mile course with Joe, Eric, & Eric's friend, Mike Tindol.  Joe, Mike, & I shared the pulls.


Mike TindolI don't believe either of us realized the journey on which this first ride would take us.  Now, 30,000 miles later, Mike has established many FCP milestones including several club records:

  • All-time Club Career Mileage: 30,003

  • Fastest 3-mile Individual Time Trial: 28.496 mph, May 10, 2007

  • Most career 26 mph club rides: 83

  • Most career 25 mph club rides: 226

  • Most career 24 mph club rides: 256

  • Most Fast Ride Points within a year: 127 points in 2007

  • Most annual 25 mph club rides: 52 in 2007

  • Most annual 24 mph club rides: 58 in 2006

And he shares these records:

  • Fastest FCP Ride and Lunch-time 20 record: 27.105 mph

  • Flowery Branch 50 course record: 25.288 mph, September 7, 2002

  • Morningview 20 course record: 21.706 mph, June 27, 2007

Mike earned our Male Partner of the Year for 2006 and 2007.  He has been a FCP Ride Leader since 2005.


But there is more to the journey than just his miles....


Mike's importance to Frazier Cycling goes far beyond his records.  He has been a loyal friend to us.  Loyalty means a lot to Frazier Cycling.  Mike has been among the most loyal of members to our club and business.  Mike continued to support our family and company after we incorporated and integrated FCP within our business.  And He has continued this support to the present day.  Mike has been the driving force behind Allgood's sponsorship of Frazier Cycling, our Cycle for Parkinson's Criterium charity, and other Frazier Cycling programs.  His support has been undaunted even through the most difficult times that he and his family have faced.  Obviously Mike finds value in what Frazier Cycling provides and for that we are grateful.  We are very appreciative of Mike's loyalty and patronage. 


Without Mike's involvement and support, we would have a very different club.  Mike has been a great example to our youth members.  His strength, dedication, competitiveness, and determination have inspired many of our Junior Racing Team members.  His sensitivity, fairness, and leadership has inspired our club members.  Thank you, Mike, and saying "Thank you" is really not enough to express our appreciation.  We look forward to you attaining 40,000, 50,000, and beyond!