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2008 Partner of the Year Standings - Close Races for Top Honors


By Ralph Frazier


November 18, 2008


With less than five weeks remaining in the year, several of the races for 2008 Partner of the Year awards are very close.

Mike Tindol leads Andrew Maholski by less than three points for Male Partner of the Year.

The Female Partner of the Year race is extremely tight.  Kris Kester has a only a one point margin over Hanaa Nessim.   Hanaa leads in mileage, rides, and 50-milers.  Although Kris does not have any points any of those categories, but she has captured most of the points in the speed categories.  Kat Tindol is in third place, only four points behind Kris.  She has the top three longest rides.  She is in second place for 50-milers, fast 50's, 24-mph rides, and Fast Ride Points.

David Goodman and Carrie Burke are the Junior point leaders for their Partner of the Year categories.  In the Youth category, Fletcher Lydick and Dominique Shore are our point leaders.

Joe Rosentel owns an eight point advantage over Jeff Aldridge in our Newcomer category.

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Before the end of the year, these standings may change.  There are certain categories such as crash points, ride leader points, and others than can affect the outcome of these close races.