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Mrs. Shore, Your Daughter is Not A Wimp!


By Ralph Frazier


December 15, 2008


On Sunday, December 14th, Dominique Shore broke Zoe Frazier's annual 50-miler record for 12-year-olds.  Over the past nine weeks, Dominique has ridden nine 50-milers to establish this new standard at 35 rides.  Often we refer to the girls on our cycling team as "princesses".  Tough princesses!  Dominique truly epitomizes their reputation for toughness.  While compiling her record, she rode some of the most miserable FB-50's that nature could offer - the kind that even our most avid members avoided.  On Saturday, November 22nd, Dominique finished her 32nd 50-miler on a day that the ride started when it was only 19.  That particular FB-50 was the seventh all-time coldest and the coldest ever for the month of November.  As bad as the weather conditions were on that Saturday, eight days later it was much worse.  Many of those who participated in the FB-50 on Sunday, November 30th, commented that it ranked as their most miserable ride.  For the final 34 miles, the skies opened with a 40-cold and to-the-bone-soaking rain.  Feet numbing cold rain and blinding wheel spray dashed all hopes of comfort.  On that day, Dominique was the only Junior in the group of eight riders.  She notched her thirty-third 50-miler of the year.  During the ride Dominique stayed near the front, working steadily in the pace-line, ignoring her frigid feet and hands.  Not once did she complain about the conditions, she remained focused on reaching her goal - breaking the 12-year-olds' annual 50-mile record.  After the ride was over, tiny Dominique huddled in the front passenger's seat of her mom's car while her mother, Renata, put their bikes on the roof rack.  Dominique was soaked and shivering but undaunted.  "Mrs. Shore, your daughter is not a wimp!"

Dominique Shore

Never doubt it - our girls are tough competitors with strong personalities.  All have the qualities of dedication and attitude.  They certainly march to the beat of their own drums.  Stubborn, driven, and talented - they have what it takes to handle the pressures of competitive cycling and the pressures of their adolescence. 

So congratulations to Dominique!  Congratulations to our Junior girls! 

You "GO" girls - Abigail Aldridge, Zoe Frazier, Melissa Goodman, Nina Gummadi, Brittney Hartley, Shoshana Lutch, Dominique Shore, and Stephanie Cucaz (who recently joined our fiery girls squad).  We have a bright future with these young women.