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2009 Third Round FC Kids/FCP Time Trial


By Ralph Frazier


May 28, 2009


Our third round of the 2009 Individual Time Trial Series was held Wednesday evening, May 27, 2009.  Thirty-three members participated in the event.  Excellent weather helped the competitors set twenty-two personal records and four Junior Age Group Records.  


Twenty-seven kids/juniors and six adults competed against the clock on the 1.6-mile circuit at Shannon Way. 

Newcomers to our time trial were Luke Broadwell, Noah Craggan, and Gustavo Gonzalez.


David Goodman and Johnny Mayero shared the top spot for highest average speed at 26.916 mph.   David's result was a new Boys' 15-year-old Age Group Record and our all-time fastest Junior average speed for the 3.2-mile ITT.


Other Age Group Records:


Nick Frazier set a new Boys' 17-year-old Age Group Record with an average speed of 25.714 mph.

Andrew Macrae set a new Boys' 13-year-old Age Group Record with an average speed of 26.422 mph.

Brody Hartley set a new Boys' 11-year-old Age Group Record with an average speed of 23.040 mph.


Others with new Personal Records:



Asha Gummadi, Scot Macrae, Johnny Mayero, Hanaa Nessim


FC Juniors/Kids

Stephanie Cucaz, Zoe Frazier, Adi Gummadi, Teja Gummadi (tied his PR), Brody Hartley, Andrew Hodges, Shoshana Lutch, Hunter Lydick, Rishi Mocherla, Philip O'Donnell, Diana Ramos, Conner Rell, Ben Rothschild, James Todd


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Check the FC Kids Three-Mile Individual Time Trial Statistics Page and FCP Three-mile Individual Time Trial Statistics Page.


Thanks to our timers: Susan O'Donnell and Bhushan Mocherla.

Thanks to our escorts: Jerry Hartley, Manny Ramos, Brian Rell, and Steve Shore.

Thanks to our recorder: Yvonne Lydick.

Thanks to our traffic marshals: Srin Gummadi and Steve Stanley.



AS ALWAYS, Coach Kelli and I encourage all of our Juniors to participate in every 3.2-mile ITT on the schedule.  Although the time trial is excellent practice for racing, more importantly, we use the results to measure each individual's fitness and progress.