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Hincapie Spring Training Series 3/07/10

by Susan O'Donnell

The FC Juniors category racers competed in the Hincapie Greenville Spring Training Series at the Donaldson Center road race on Sunday, 3/7/10.  It was a great day for the team.  A total of eleven FC Juniors competed on the course.  The team members had successful and fun races.  The fields were exceptionally large. Results as follows: 

Cat 3 & 4 Women (35 miles)

Zoe Frazier placed 8thnd in Cat 3. Dominique Shore  and  Stephanie Cucaz placed in the top 10 for Cat 4.  It should be noted that Frazier riders were able to avoid a crash at the end of the very crowded race.

Cat 3 Men  (49 miles)

Philip O’Donnell placed 5th.  Teammate Ethan Zehr finished in the pack.

Cat 4 Men (35 miles)

Gustavo Gonzalez,  Fletcher Lydick, Russell Tindol finished in the middle of the peloton of  this very crowded, competitive field.

FC would also like to thank Hincapie Sports for the presentation by Rich Hincapie to Russell Tindol of a National Champion Jersey signed by George Hincapie. Russell was recognized for his return to the racing series where he crashed 2 years ago.  As a result of that crash, Russell needed a cat scan of his head trauma and a brain tumor was discovered.  He then began immediate treatment for his cancer.  He successfully battled the cancer and returned to training 1 year later. He remains cancer free today.