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Georgia State Criterium Championships


By Ralph Frazier


August 22, 2010


The Georgia State Criterium Championships were held on Sunday, August 22, 2010 at Grant Park, Atlanta. 


The Frazier Cycling team won nine state criterium titles and a total of 16 state championship medals.


Our juniors won seven of eight state criterium championships - our best showing ever!


Men 10-12 - clean sweep!

James Todd, Georgia State Champion

Alexander Dijkema, 2nd place

Teja Gummadi, 3rd place


Women 10-12

Kate Eckrote, Georgia State Champion


Men 13-14

Philip O'Donnell, Georgia State Champion

Fletcher Lydick, 2nd place


Women 13-14

Dominique Shore, Georgia State Champion

Sophie Wakelin, 2nd place


Men 15-16 - clean sweep!

Andrew Macrae, Georgia State Champion

Andrew Hodges, 2nd place

Ben Rothschild, 3rd place


Women 15-16

Zoe Frazier, Georgia State Champion


Men 17-18

David Goodman, Georgia State Champion

Russell Tindol, 2nd place



We had two state champions in the category races.


Abigail Aldridge, 13, won the Women's Cat. 4 state title.


Dominique Shore, 14, won the Women's Cat. 3 state title - her second championship on the day!


Each of our winners was presented with a Georgia State Champion Jersey during the podium presentations following the races.


Results for Georgia State Criterium Championships