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2010 River Gorge Omnium - August 28-29, 2010



Susan O'Donnell


September 6, 2010


Members of the Frazier Cycling category and elite teams competed in this series of 3 races over 2 days:  a road race and time trial on Saturday and a downtown criterium on Sunday.

The Cat 3 Road Race was a 64 mile race that featured approximately 6,900 feet of climbing. The race had two challenging climbs with the first being a 2.5 mile ascent of Sand Mountain and the second up a steep 3.5 mile two-part climb to the Summit atop Raccoon Mountain.  Philip O’Donnell placed 2nd, Andrew Macrae 11th, David Goodman 12th, Russell Tindol 28th, and Andrew Hodges 30th.   It should be noted that Cat 4 cyclist James Todd completed 2/3rds of the brutal course.

The Women’s Cat 1/2/3/4 road race was a 40 mile rolling loop that finished on the same 3.5 climb to the summit atop Raccoon Mountain for a total route climb of 4,600 feet.  In the end, Zoe Frazier finished 6th in the Women’s Category 1/2/3.  Dominique Shore completed 21 miles of the grueling course.

On Saturday afternoon, several Frazier Cyclists competed in the short four mile time trial around Raccoon reservoir at the top of the mountain. This course was fairly flat, except for the initial climb to the reservoir.  The wind at the top also added an additional challenge travelling across the single lane pass over the dam.  Results as follows:  Juniors 10-14:  Teja Gummadi 6th and Adi Gummadi 8th.  Women 1/2/3:  Zoe Frazier 2nd and Dominique Shore 3rd.  Women 4:  Abigail Aldridge 11th.  Men Cat 4:  Ben Rothschild 31st.  James Todd could not compete due to a broken shifter at the start line.  Men Cat 3:  Philip O’Donnell 9th, David Goodman 12th, Andrew Macrae 18th, Andrew Hodges 26th, and Russell Tindol 31st. 

On Sunday, the venue moved to downtown Chattanooga to a six turn course.  The Juniors Crit led to success for two Frazier 10-14 riders:  Teja Gummadi 2nd and Adi Gummadi 5th.   

The men Cat 4 crit was a crowded field of 59 at the start.  The field aggressively rounded turn one where several riders touched wheels and others had to put a foot down to avoid an accident.  Unfortunately, James Todd was caught behind this melee and worked his way up to catch the end of the field.  James was able to work with another rider to hang with this fast pace group until 7 laps to go when he left the race. 

The men Cat 3 race was also crowded starting with 52 cyclists at the line.  The field was incredibly fast, averaging 26-27 mph.  Frazier Cyclists were able to stay with pack and several sprinted to the finish, placing in the top 20:  Philip O’Donnell 4th, Andrew Macrae 9th, David Goodman 16th.   Teammates Andrew Hodges and Russell Tindol also completed the competitive crit. 

Abigail Aldridge placed 10th in the Women Cat 4.  The Women 1/2/3 crit featured Dominique Shore winning several premiums and Zoe Frazier leading for several laps.  This led to successful finishes with Zoe placing 1st and Dominique placing 2nd.   

Overall Omnium points put several riders in the top finishers.    Women 1/2/3:  Zoe Frazier 2nd and Dominique Shore 3rd.   Men Cat 3: Philip O’Donnell 1st, Andrew Macrae 8th, and David Goodman 15th.