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2011 Frazier Cycling Partners' Awards Presentation - January 21, 2012


Junior Boy Partner of the Year - Adi Gummadi

Senior Girl Partner of the Year - Zoe Frazier

Senior Boy Partner of the Year - David Goodman

Female Partner of the Year - Lisa Hodges

Male Partner of the Year - Greg Hanson



by Ralph Frazier


January 23, 2012


Saturday night, January 21, 2012, we held our 18th Frazier Cycling Partners' Awards Presentation at the Bunten Park Athletic Building, Duluth, Georgia.  It was our largest of all time with more than 110 people in attendance!  It was a grand event for my favorite day of the year!

Our sponsors were represented with the presence of Allgood Pest Solutions' Mike Tindol and Chris Oys, owner/operator of the IHOP Restaurant, Buford Georgia.

We had guests from Free Wheelin' Magazine and the Southern Bicycle League, Theresa Sylvester and Richard Waggoner.

As usual Coach Kelli Rogan and I made the award presentations.  Additionally, Coach Kelli entertained the group by demonstrating bib pinning for the bib pinning contest.

This past year, 2011, was the second year that we had junior members complete our juniors program by aging up to the senior classification.  Emotions run high for Cathy, Coach Kelli, and I when our juniors complete their junior careers.  Seeing juniors complete our program wasn't something that crossed our minds back when we created our junior development program in 2003. At the time, the oldest kid on our team was only 12 years old! 

Indeed this year's awards presentation was bittersweet because two of our original junior team members, David Goodman and Russell Tindol, aged up to 19 on January 1st; thereby completing our junior program and ending their junior racing careers.  They have been with us for a long time: David joined the team in September 2003 and Russell in January 2004.  When presenting David Goodman with his final Frazier Cycling junior award, I paused to remark about how emotionally tough the moment was for us.  Handing that plaque to David was synonymous with letting go of our heritage - we had to face the reality that David and Russell have left our nest!

Watching these boys become outstanding young men has been an extraordinary experience for us.  Not only have we watched them grow in size, speed, and skills, but more importantly, we've witnessed their growth in leadership and inspiration to our team.  Most all of our junior members, their parents, and Partners are aware of David's contributions to the team.  But some may not be aware of the inspirational impact that Russell has contributed to build the spirit of this team.  Newer members were not around to witness Russell's fearless battle against cancer.  These members may be unaware, but they are benefactors because Russell's example of toughness has been adopted by the team. 

David's and Russell's careers will have a lasting impact on our program.  Therefore as a tribute to their contributions to our program, the "Leadership Award" will be renamed the "Goodman Leadership Award" and the "Toughest Rider Award" will be renamed the "Tindol Toughest Rider Award".

Here are our 2011 highlights:

• Our team has grown to be the largest in the US. We have 41 members in metro Atlanta and another 17 in Fairhope AL. We are starting a team in Mobile AL.

• We have expanded our program to the Roswell/Alpharetta area to accommodate more members – Sunday afternoons and Monday trainer.

• We started a Junior Multi-sport program. Leanne Wakelin is our junior coach.

• Tour of the Bahamas sponsored three of our top 15-16 yrs. olds to come to the Islands to race in January. We are racing there again this year (Jan. 28-29, 2012).

• We raced in 30+ races locally and in the southeast, CA, Canada, Bahamas, Europe.

• We expanded our junior Cyclocross team.

• Our summer cycling camp was in TN at King College with 51 participants – huge success

• Stephanie Cucaz received a cycling and an academic scholarship from King College. Our summer camp this year is the 2nd week in July at King College.

• We now hold 6 national championship titles - Abigail Aldridge is the 2011 National time trail champion for women 13-14..

• Frazier Cycling is the Georgia Championship Series club winner. We also won the series for Juniors 10-14 (Adi Gummadi) , Junior Women 15-18 (Zoe Frazier), Junior Men 15-18 (JJ Cucaz), and Women Cat 3 (Stephanie Cucaz).

• We were one of two presenters at the USA Cycling Junior Coaching Conference at the West Virginia University in October 2011.

• We have had articles on our camp and program in Free Wheelin' Magazine (local), Florida Cycling Magazine (regional) and Performance Conditioning (national) this year.

• Coach Kelli and I write regularly for Performance Conditioning’s (USA Cycling's Coaches' newsletter) junior column.

Now for the summary of award winners:

Ride Leaders Recognition - Greg Hanson, Andrew Maholski, Chris Porras, Wendell Scott, Kat Tindol, Mike Tindol, and Jack Wilkinson.

Frazier Cycling Junior Coaching Recognition, Assistant Coach - David Goodman, Fletcher Lydick

Frazier Cycling Junior Coaching Recognition, Coach - Chris Porras, Leanne Wakelin


Highest W/kg Junior Boy - Adi Gummadi

Highest W/kg Senior Girl - Abigail Aldridge

Highest W/kg Senior Boy - Andrew Hodges

Best Jr. bike handler - Adi Gummadi

Best Sr. bike handler - Andrew Macrae

Best Jr. climber - Blake Wilson

Best Sr. climber - David Goodman

Most Improved climber - Dominique Shore

Leadership Award - David Goodman

"Never Say Die" Racer - Fletcher Lydick

Sportsmanship - Anna Zuver

Best Teammate - James Todd, Andrew Macrae

Best Teamwork - David Goodman, Andrew Hodges, Andrew Macrae

Most Improved Skills (Junior) - Blake Wilson

Most Improved Skills (Senior) - Miguel Gonzalez

Toughest Rider - David Goodman

Best Crash Award - Dominique Shore


2nd Place Women 3-mile ITT - Kim Johnston

1st Place Women 3-mile ITT - Lisa Hodges

2nd Place Men 3-mile ITT - Johnny Mayero

1st Place Men 3-mile ITT - Nick Frazier

6-year-old Men's 3-mile ITT Record - Jess Rosentel

8-year-old Men's 3-mile ITT Record - Joey Rosentel

13-year-old Women's 3-mile ITT Record - Abigail Aldridge

15-year-old Men's 3-mile ITT Record - Andrew Macrae

16-year-old Women's 3-mile ITT Record - Zoe Frazier

17-year-old Women's 3-mile ITT Record - Stephanie Cucaz

17-year-old Men's 3-mile ITT Record - David Goodman

18-year-old Women's 3-mile ITT Record - Stephanie Cucaz


1st Place 50-milers Junior Boys - Adi Gummadi

1st Place 50-milers Senior Girls - Zoe Frazier, Dominique Shore

1st Place 50-milers Senior Boys - Andrew Hodges

1st Place 50-milers Women - Lisa Hodges

1st Place 50-milers Men - Jack Wilkinson


2nd Place Miles Junior Boys - Blake Wilson

1st Place Miles Junior Boys - Adi Gummadi

3rd Place Miles Senior Girls - Abigail Aldridge

2nd Place Miles Senior Girls - Dominique Shore

1st Place Miles Senior Girls - Zoe Frazier

3rd Place Miles Senior Boys - Teja Gummadi

2nd Place Miles Senior Boys - Andrew Hodges

1st Place Miles Senior Boys - David Goodman

Junior Career Miles Record - David Goodman

2nd Place Miles Women - Hanaa Nessim

1st Place Miles Women - Lisa Hodges

2nd Place Miles Men - David Haney

1st Place Miles Men - Greg Hanson


Top Awards

Most Improved Junior Boy - Blake Wilson

Most Improved Senior Girl - Stephanie Cucaz

Most Improved Senior Boy - Jonathan (JJ) Cucaz

Most Outstanding Racer Girl - Abigail Aldridge

Most Outstanding Racer Boy - Fletcher Lydick

Newcomer Partner of the Year - David Haney

Junior Boy Partner of the Year - Adi Gummadi

Senior Girl Partner of the Year - Zoe Frazier

Senior Boy Partner of the Year - David Goodman

Female Partner of the Year - Lisa Hodges

Male Partner of the Year - Greg Hanson


Thanks to our 2011 volunteer parents:

• Paula Wexler - Race Coordinator

• Carolyn Goodman - Nationals Coordinator

• Scot Macrae - hotels

• Candice and Keith Todd, Yvonne Lydick, Bhushan Mocherla - Photos

• Asha Gummadi - PowerBar, Nationals

• Edie Haney - Gwinnett Gladiators Hockey Game


Thanks to our 2011 sponsors:

Allgood Pest Solutions, IHOP (Buford), Georgia's Own Credit Union, Blue Competition Bicycles, PowerBar, Children's Medical, Shaklee, and Maxxis Tires


Special Guests:

Theresa Sylvester and Richard Waggoner