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2-Person 20-km Relay Results


by Ralph Frazier


May 22, 2013


On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 15 FC Kids/Juniors, and five adults participated in our second Two-Person 20-km Relay Race of the year.  These 20 cyclists were divided into 10 two-person relay teams and two races: 5 junior teams and 5 mixed teams (one junior and one adult).  Each competitor rode ten laps alternating with his/her relay partner on the 1-km course.

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20-km Relay Team Results

A new record for the juniors was set by the team of Madeleine Haney (lead-off) and Fletcher Lydick (anchor), 0:34:25, 21.652 mph. 

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In the mixed team division, Victoria Haney, 0:18:32, 20.104 mph, and Levi Nelson, 0:15:23, 24.221 mph, set a new record: 0:33:55, 21.971 mph, which is the overall all-time fastest team.  


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