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"When I agreed to ride RAGBRAI (seven days across Iowa) as a Parkinsonís Disease patient I thought I could probably do 20 miles a day if I was luckyÖDr. Alberts coached me through the entire 464 miles!   I would never have imaged I could have done it.Ē 


Dr. Alberts Photo

Dr. Jay Alberts received his Ph.D. in Exercise Science from Arizona State University.  He is an Assistant Professor in the School of Applied Physiology at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.  Dr. Alberts is an expert in quantifying upper and lower extremity movement patterns through the use of kinetic and kinematic analyses. His experience in biomechanics and motor control allow him to provide a scientific perspective to proper bicycle fit and pedaling mechanics.  Dr. Albertsí educational background includes physiology, biomedical engineering, nutrition, statistics and sports psychology.


Cathy Frazier

Frazier Cycling Partner - 3 years, Pedaling for Parkinson's co-founder, 2003 RAGBRAI finisher

 Dr. Alberts with Cath Frazier at RAGBRAI


As a consultant to Frazier Cycling Inc., Dr. Alberts provides expertise in bicycle fitting, design of training programs and quantitative assessment of training programs.  He is the founder of Pedaling for Parkinsonís, a non-profit that promotes the benefits of exercise for Parkinsonís Disease patients through cycling.