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David Goodman is a Coach for Frazier Cycling Inc.  His background includes a racing career of more than a decade and his coaching career includes three years as a Frazier Cycling Junior Coach, one year as a Frazier Cycling Associate Coach.  In October 2014, David was promoted to Frazier Cycling Team Coach.


David utilizes Frazier Cycling's coaching philosophy. He an expert on our training program.   He has extensive experience with Power Based Training.  In particular, David is accomplished at analyzing workout files and developing training plans. 

His racing career has spanned more than a decade where he has achieved Category 1.


David began his racing career in 2004 with the Frazier Cycling Juniors when he was ten years old.   David spent his entire Junior racing career with Frazier Cycling Team where he achieved our Honors Team Membership.  He is a 2012 graduate of the Frazier Cycling Junior Development Program.


For inquiries, please contact Coach David by email:

  David Goodman