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August 17, 2013

Greetings to everyone on this very Fall-like day in Georgia.  Makes me think it is time to announce our Fall Training Camp for 2013 at the Hiker Hotel in the North Georgia Mountains again for the 3rd year in a row!

It will be October 18-20 with three days of riding in the GAPS!  It is a real laid back great time of fellowship.  I hope you all can make it.  I have 8 bunks reserved for the two nights.  It is only $18 per night including a great breakfast and superb hosts!

Reach out if interested!





May 8, 2013

I hope everyone is havng a great Spring season.  Well the SPEED season is in full swing and I thought a post on the methods Frazier Cycling has to make you FAST would be appropriate.

Monday:  The superb Hill Repeats session - this is quickly becoming a classic workout!  I hate doing it - which is why it probably is very effective!  Try it out if you have not will improve you 30 second and 90 second power!  It is short enough that you will have plenty of energy for your Tuesday rides.

Tuesday: FAST Lunch ride and FAST Laps - these are the staple for Frazier Cycling to prepare one for racing....each provide a separate purpose.  Lunch ride is a stop and start and surgy fast group ride usually averaging 25+ mph.  Laps is more akin to a Team Time Trial.....Steady and hard!   Do both in one day for 6 weeks and you will be an animal

Thursday:  FAST Lunch ride and Gary's (Tempo) - Lunch is same fast session as Tuesday and Gary's is a hilly hard Tempo ride.  Great double combination.

IF you have any questions on these workouts - contact me or Coach Frazier.

Have a great week!





February 22, 2013

2013 - still getting used to that!  Well the Winter is waning and early season road racing is upon us.  Tundra is in the books with a few FART's showing up on that blustery day.  Lisa got a decent result so good job.  Meanwhile, the Greenville Spring Training series enlarged to 4 weekends and is quickly becoming the go-to event of the early season.  David Haney got a 6th place showing already.  Two more weekends to go.  There have several shifts on the race is the latest.  Hope to see you out there!  Greg


Date           EventDiscipline Location Sponsoring Team
Sat 2/9        Greenville Spring Series RR Donaldson Hincapie
Sun 2/10     Greenville Spring Series RR Donaldson Hincapie
Sat 02/16    Tundra Time Trial TT Calhoun  
Sat 02/16    Greenville Spring Series RR Fork Shoals Hincapie
Sun 02/17   Greenville Spring Series RR Donaldson Hincapie
Sat 02/23    Greenville Spring Series RR La Bastide Hincapie
Sun 02/24   Greenville Spring Series Crit Donaldson Hincapie
Sat 03/02    Greenville Spring Series RR River Fall Hincapie
Sun 03/03   Greenville Spring Series Crit Donaldson Hincapie
Sat 03/09    Brooks Crit RR Brooks  
Sun 03/10   Brooks RR RR Brooks  
Sat 03/16    Union City Mayor’s Race  Crit Union City  
Sun 03/17   Union City Mayor’s Race  RR Union City  
Sun 03/30   Fouche Gap Road Race  RR Rome Rome Velo
Sat 4/5        Round-Here-Racing Perry Roubaix  Crit Perry  
Sun 4/6       Round-Here-Racing Perry Roubaix  RR Perry  
Sat 04/13    Macon Criterium -State Champ Crit Macon Georgia Neurosurgical Institute
Sat 04/21    Sunny King Crit Crit Anniston  
Sat 04/27    Terrapin Twilight Criterium  Crit Athens  
Sun 04/28    Historic Roswell Criterium  Crit Roswell  
Sun 05/05    Sandy Springs Cycling Challenge  Crit Sandy Springs  
Sat 05/18     Gran Prix of Gainesville  RR Gainesville Dingo Race Productions, LLC
Sun 05/19    Gran Prix of Gainesville  RR Gainesville Dingo Race Productions, LLC
Sat 05/25     Southeastern Series RR Albany  
Sun 05/26    Southeastern Series RR Albany  
Sat 06/08     Healthy Newton Omnium  TT Covington  
Sat 06/08     Healthy Newton Omnium  Crit Covington  
Sun 06/09    Healthy Newton Omnium  RR Covington  
Sat 07/06     Georgia Games Road Race RR Fairmont Georgia Sports Foundation
Sun 07/07    Georgia Games Criterium Crit Fairmont Georgia Sports Foundation
Sun 07/07    Georgia Games Time Trial TT Fairmont Georgia Sports Foundation
Sat 07/13     Brenau Criterium  Crit Gainesville Dingo Race Productions, LLC
Sun 07/14    Brenau Criterium  Crit Gainesville Dingo Race Productions, LLC
Wed 07/24   Georgia Cycling Gran Prix  Crit Gwinnett County  
Thu 07/25    Georgia Cycling Gran Prix  RR Gwinnett County  
Fri 07/26      Georgia Cycling Gran Prix  Crit Gwinnett County  
Sat 07/27     Georgia Cycling Gran Prix  Crit Gwinnett County  
Sun 07/28    Georgia Cycling Gran Prix  Crit Gwinnett County  
Sun 8/4        State TT Championships TT Palmetto Peachtree Bikes
Sat 08/17     Litespeed BMW Criterium  Crit Atlanta Litespeed-BMW
Sun 08/18    Grant Park Criterium  Crit Atlanta L5 Flyers pb Quantum Mechanics
Wed 09/04   Masters Road Nationals RR Bend, OR  
Thu 09/05    Masters Road Nationals RR Bend, OR  
Fri 09/06      Masters Road Nationals RR Bend, OR  
Sat 09/07     Masters Road Nationals RR Bend, OR  
Sun 09/08    Masters Road Nationals RR Bend, OR  
Sat 09/28     Six Gap Criterium  Crit Dahlonega


December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays FC ART folks!

2012 was our inaugural year for the adult race team proudly wearing the Red armbands....It was a good year for our team's first organized effort and 2013 should provide even more participation and achievement!

I hope everyone is laying down their off-season foundation.  We are so fortunate to have Ralph present at every club ride to motivate riding even in the dark days of Winter.  Take advantage of this - just follow his weekly ride schedule - and if you can't make it to the ride - reach out to Ralph or I for a suitable trainer ride to substitute.  His weekly ride schedule is a training plan and it works!

Please have a safe, enjoyable and peaceful Holiday season!

Best wishes,


PS: the newly designed Real Design 50 Carbon Clinchers are ready for purchase....


November 12, 2012

FC ART Dahlonega Weekend - another success!!

Second annual trip was a success with 3 days of riding in the GAP's doing a lot of FORCE work (i.e.forcing your legs to push you up a steep hill!) to build leg strength plus a solid amount of fellowship as we all enjoyed our suffering. Saturday's group (pictured) persevered through a 4 + hour 5-GAP ride on a beautiful day in the mountains. Friday and Sunday were the traditional 2+ hour 3-GAP rides we all know and love. The Hiker Hostel was the perfect host location again. Our turnout this year was roughly double of that last year. Look forward to lots of training over the Holiday season with all this new fitness we earned. If anyone has suggestion on how to improve the weekend for next year - let me know.



GCS Final Standings
on October 24th, 2012 at 11:43 PM

Congratulations to the Winners of the Georgia Championship Series (GCS)! Thanks to everyone that participated in the series, as well as the promoters for adding the GCS to their event. First, second and third place plaques to each category and cash to the Pro 1 men and Pro 1/2 women will be mailed starting in two weeks. Winners, please check your mailing address on your USA Cycling account. We hope everyone enjoyed competing in the series.

Men’s Pro/1
1. Brendan Cornett
2. Andrew Scarano
3. Dylan DeGan

Category 2
1. Leonardo Marquez
2. Juan Arias
3. Marek Lipold

Category 3
1. Michael Russell
2. Brandon Pruett
3. Fletcher Lydick

Category 4
1. Scott Morris
2. Johnny Mayero
3. Alexander Dijkema

Masters 35+
1. Kent Wheeler
2. Michael Burns
3. Brian DeRose

Masters 45+
1. Dale Hair
2. Gregory Hanson
3. Ronnie Bratcher

Masters 55+
1. Charles Seward
2. Dale Vaughan
3. Joseph Fritz

Women Category 1/2
1. Cheryl Fuller-Muller
2. Michele Moulton
3. Zoe Frazier
6. Dominique Shore
7. Stephanie Cucaz

Women Category 3
1. Elizabeth Lee
2. Debbie Prouty
3. Diana Ramos

Women Category 4
1. Kimberly Campione
2. Victoria Haney
4. Caleigh Hebert

Juniors 10-14 Male
1. Davis Branyon
2. Toby Wakelin
3. Blake Wilson

Juniors 15-18 Male
1. Parker Haney
2. Luke Broadwell
3. Benjamin Rothschild

Juniors 10-14 Female
1. Madeleine Haney
2. Sophia Broadwell
3. Katherine Eckrote

Juniors 15-18 Female
1. Sophie Wakelin
2. Cara Beth Branyon

3. Diana Ramos



posted 10/19/12

Subject: Daholonega weekend

The Hiker Hostel will indeed be our haven of refuge for another Dahlonega weekend on November 9-11.  It will be a low key event and all are welcome.  Come on up for the day and ride and enjoy the mountain air.  Arrival Noon on Friday at the Hiker Hostel and return Sunday around 1pm.  BYOB and we will likely eat out each evening.  Email me if interested.
Also we are 6 weeks away from the start of WBL - Winter Bike League in Athens.  Every Saturday at 10am.....start off as 4 hour rides and build from there.  Drop of not for the casual rider.  Let me know if any questions.  It is a fun day.....


posted 9/25/12

Subject: RE: Last GA race of season/Fall Training Camp interest???

The last race of the year is Saturday in Dahlonega.  If your life has complicated your training plans like I experienced this year – you have a lot of company!  It is not easy to persevere and keep training plus racing a whole season.  Johnny and I will be racing Saturday to defend our podium positions on the GCS.  Come on out if you are so inspired.

On another note – last November we had a weekend training camp at the Hiker Hostel up the road from Dahlonega.  We had a small group but had a really nice time. Is there any interest to go up the GAPS and enjoy a weekend of riding and camaraderie?  Sometime in late October or early November might make sense.  I already got 5 YES’s on the Training Camp idea. How does October 26-28 sound?? We can arrive Friday afternoon (Sat morning arrival optional) and return Sunday noonish. I know that October 27th 3PM is the UGA – Florida game…so watching it down at a restaurant in Dahlonega that late afternoon while nursing our sore butts will need to be on the agenda. ….smile.

I thought that the weekend before end of Daylight Savings might be smart before the “Darkness” of Winter starts to creep in.

Greg Hanson

posted 5/29/12

Georgia Championship Series results updated!!

  • Johnny Mayero is 1st in Cat4 with Mark Schulz 16th and David Haney 53rd.
  • Greg Hanson is 2nd in M45+.
  • Coach Kelli Rogan is 12th in W3.
  • David Goodman is 6th in Cat 2.

posted 5/13/12

The men in Blue strike again....Gainesville Road Race and Time Trial podiums!  Johnny won the Cat 4 RR and 3rd in the TT!  Awesome sprint to break away from 30 guys and win the RR - hilly RR!!  Greg took second in both the 45+ RR and TT.  Other FART's were Wendell and yes Humberto raced his first race of 2012!!!  Everyone did well!

There is a break from racing until Newton Omnium June 9-10...



posted 4/29/12

Well - the big crit weekend of racing in Georgia this weekend and we snagged one podium which is cool....Way to go Mark Schulz 3rd place in the Cat4 Athens crit!

The races were predictably fast and well attended.  Athens crit and Roswell Crit are the two biggies and all the racers came out.  Our team was well represented and fought valiantly.  Good job everyone.

posted 4/16/2012

Aside from all the dramatic accomplishments of the Junior at the State Criterium Championships and the Monroe County RR this weekend (WOW- did Frazier Cycling clean up in all the races this weekend!!!)…..we had several FC Adults race as well – and all stood strong in their respective divisions…...

As expected the races were well- attended and FAST!  We captured one podium in the Men’s 4 RR – Johnny got 3rd!  Podium picture attached.  David Haney, Mark Schulz, Johnny and I competed in the crits and all finished the fast races in our respective races.  I think the Macon Crit course is so much fun to race and watch, too.  In the Sunday RR,  the 4’s and Master all rode together in a MOB (while it made the race fast – faster than the 3’s – it was not a fun race for me as I was looking forward to a smaller and more tactical race).  Johnny sprinted the last hill to take the top Cat 4 in the field sprint.  Alexander got 7th and Mark 16th.  David was 22nd I think…and I avoided a near-crash and soft pedaled in.

Sadly and finally – the Cat 5’s (and Women’s ¾ - again not sure why they created another MOB!) raced together and 2 miles in a bad crash happened.  I am hearing it 3rd hand so I won’t write the details – but the result was Henry Zuver has a broken collarbone and likely concession, Anna Zuver has a broken collarbone, Lisa has a broken bike and banged up leg, and Johnny has a very sore back and body (like Superman deflecting bullets as he was hit again and again by riders banging in to him as he sat on the ground after his crash – ouch!)  Sometimes crashes happen – I have been in two bad ones and they are not fun.  I gotta say that  Henry, Johnny and Lisa are tough as nails –


posted 3/26/2012

Results from the Tuscaloosa weekend of racing for the FART's...

No podiums but some solid results!

Johnny was a beast and earned $120! He was 6th in the Cat4 RR, 16th in a very fast Masters 35+ crit, and 26th in the Cat 4 crit. David Haney was also a beast following right behind Johnny in the RR and Crit in Cat 4. Lisa Bongiorno earned $50 and 8th place in the Womens Cat 4 RR. David Goodman was top 20 in both crit and RR in Pro 1-2 - what an animal!!! Yours truly had a humbling weekend but did finish a pretty satisfying 19th in the Cat 3 crit and am track with my training - I knew this weekend would be really hard and am hungry to race Macon. The Tuscaloosa Race weekend is a highly competitive race weekend because of the huge payouts.

Now the really fun part - Saturday night food and frolic at the Wingate.  Lots of bonding as we enjoyed Mellow Mushroom pizza and beverages.  Just hanging out and talking cycling.......what could be better...3am bike rides!

posted 3/12/2012

3 More Podiums!

  1. Mark Schulz gained another 2nd place Cat 4 at the Dalton Circuit Race on Saturday
  2. Johnny Mayero 3rd place Cat 4 RR in Albany
  3. Greg Hanson 3 place TT, 3rd place Overall 45+ in Albany

posted 2/28/2012

First Podium for FC Adults!!!

Mark Schulz won 2nd at the Cat 4 Perry Roubaix Circuit Race on Saturday! Good job Mark!!

posted 1/2/2012


GABRA (as of 12-8-2011)

*Feb. 18 Tundra TT, Dallas
*March 3-4 SB&T Bike Race Weekend, Albany
*April 14-15 State Crit Championships, Macon
*April 28 Terrapin Twilight Criterium, Athens
*April 29 Historic Roswell Criterium, Roswell
*May 6 Sandy Springs Cycling Challenge, Sandy Springs
*May 12-13 Gainesville Criterium, Gainesville
*May 19-20 Rome Criterium, Rome
*June 9-10 Healthy Newton Omnium, Covington
*June 16 State TT Championships, Oglethorpe County
*July 7-8 State RR Championships, Fairmont
*July 21-22 Brenau Criterium, Gainesville
*July 24-29 Georgia Cycling Gran Prix, Gwinnett County
*Aug. 18 Litespeed BMW Criterium, Atlanta
*Aug. 19 Grant Park Crit, Atlanta
*Sept. 22 Six Gap Criterium, Dahlonega

Georgia Cup (as of 12-28-2011)

*Feb. 25-26 Perry Roubaix Road Races
*March 10-11 Dalton Grand Prix
*March 17-18 Union City Mayor's Race
*Aug. 4-5 Atlanta Criterium Series
*Aug. 11-12 Atlanta Criterium Series
*Sept. 8-9 Brooks Road Races

Feb. 19-20 Greenville Winter Training Series
Feb. 26-27 Greenville Winter Training Series
March 5-6 Greenville Winter Training Series

posted 1/1/2012

FOR SALE:  Time Trial Blue T-14 - $1200 (Smyrna)

Used Blue T-14 Small frame, includes lightly used American Classic 58 Carbon Wheel Set, Tufo Tubular tires, Vision integrated carbon handlebars, speedplay pedals, Ultegra 9-sp shifter , brakes, and cranks. Selle Itallia Saddle, Polar Monitor. Bike is in great shape with low miles. Parting due to end of bicycle racing.  Contact:  Chris at

posted 12/5/2011

Hello folks,

Well - Johnny, Keith (and I guess David Goodman) and I represented the Adult Race Team at the WBL.  And Keith and Johnny (and me kindof...) even got their picture on the website - see below.  It was hard ride -- but instead of my word - see the writeup Keith Suderman did....

Latest bike adventure...the Winter Bike League.

I ride with a juniors' racing club called Frazier Cycling. I know, I'm not a junior or a racer - but what better place to learn this sport. Anyway, this week, a handful of the racers, plus me, drove to Athens, GA, to ride with the Zealots. Apparently, Athens is home to two professional teams and the UGA college team, and WBL is how they stay sharp during the off-season.  It's longer than any single ride I've done, as fast as my fastest ride, less "nurturing" (Frazier works hard to ensure that the slowest person survives; Zealots do not...).

I started the ride near the back but realized that little speed changes near the front became crazy yo-yo-ing at the end (all 130 of us were in one double paceline). The multibike crash immediately behind me reinforced the issue. So I started playing the passing game and worked my way up to the front third. But my inexperience and lack of endurance started to tell as we reached mile 40, and by mile 60, I was clinging to the end of the paceline and learning some things about what road racers call "suffering." Well-named activity, that suffering... It was a relief when the fast guys broke off the front for the final sprint and left the
pace-setting to the mortals - I even managed to move up into the pack as we were coming into town.

I'm not sure why we call this fun, but, aside from the hunger (I'm having another midnight snack right now), I seem to be no worse for the wear.

> Keith

posted 11/29/2011

Hello folks,

We are still planning on doing the Winter Bike League ride on Saturday.  The weather appears good (unlike today!) so come on over.  If you need directions – let me know.  Just meet at 9:30-9:45 at Sunshine Cycles on the northwest side of downtown Athens.

People may wonder if I endorse WBL as an better alternative to the FB50….well  - not really!  My opinion is that on balance - our ride is still the best off-season ride for the types of riders in our club.

I just think that doing the WBL once will give our FC ART team a chance to see what other racers are doing this off-season.

Greg Hanson

posted 11/15/2011

With Turkey Day around the corner, we are entering the season where fitness is often less prioritized and that is somewhat of a good thing.  Taking a break and enjoying the Holidays causes us to relax a bit and recharge our batteries.  So - don't feel guilty - enjoy yourself.  But as with everything - do so in moderation.  Try to keep active.

And to that end - The FC ART will give the Winter Bike League a try on December 3rd.  The ride starts at 10AM at Sunshine Cycles in downtown Athens and is 70 miles.  This is offered to give our team some limited exposure to others we will likely see at races within a group ride environment.  It can go fast at times, so don't expect a FB50 Sunday pace.....If interested - let me know.  We have 6-8 folks interested thus far.

But for now .... keep on training.

Greg Hanson

posted 11/7/2011

Happy Monday!

Well the first FC ART camp is in the books. It had its spills and chills but we had a great time and discovered that the Hiker Hostel is a fantastic base camp location! Having the owner of a pro cycling team as your host is pretty cool! Our attendees got some terrific base training in the mountains with over 12,000 feet of climbing. The food was great, the weather was great for November and we had lots of quality time to lay out our 2012 and long term goals.

While we hope to have an adult Cat 3 team, Women's team, U23 team, among other classifications - the vast majority of the riders are of the "mature" men’s variety. So as Ralph said - we essentially have the start of a "grassroots" Master's men's Cycling Team. I would like to see some folks "step up" and lead a Women's, U23 or other team. Until that happens, the mature Cat 4/5 Men will mostly drive the direction of our team. But all teams need to start somewhere and we all fold under the Frazier Cycling Partners program so we all are one overall team!

Our next FC ART get together in January will likely be a local venue where more folks can attend - and will try to offer the "Day only" option again. By January - we will know the race calendar for 2012 and can start to make race plans for the year!

So for now....keep on training!!!

Greg Hanson

Posted 10/30/2011

Cathy and Ralph would like to offer a special day only package for Saturday for $35 for those riders interested in coming up for the day. This is the agenda and hope you can make it.

7:30 - 8:30am Breakfast and FC ART announcements
9:00 - 1:00pm Long ride in the mountains
1:00 - 3:00pm Lunch and Goal Setting Activity
3:00 - 5:00pm On-Bike Skill building
6:00 - 9:00pm Team Dinner

*Clinic overview (1) Racing Techniques - breakaways, blocking, attacking, teamwork, positioning, sprinting, etc. (2) Bike Handling: touching, balance, control drills, cornering, etc. (3) Power Testing/coaching, "Periodization" and weekly online website schedule as a training programGreg

posted 10/22/2011

A few updates:

  • Two weeks until camp. There are still 2-3 more spots free as Cathy let a couple rooms go. But - you know what they is quality not quantity that  If you want to come up for the day either Friday or Saturday - let me know as you would be most welcome.
  • Reservations on Velocite frames is underway.  If you want the price list - let me know.  This is a no-money-down reservation.  Currently we have 3 frames reserved - one Magnus and two Helios Aero.  I am getting a Helios Aero - very excited for this rocket ship.
  • Real Design Wheels are available if you want them. If you want the price list - let me know.  I have a pair of 50/50 clinchers that I enjoy for what it is worth.

Keep on riding and be safe.


posted 10/17/2011

Good Coach's Corner article if you have not read it.  Coach Frazier is really behind our Adult Race Team!

posted 10/12/2011

Hope everyone is enjoying their off-season.October is great time of year to unwind from intense riding/training and have fun on and off the bike.

Regarding the Fall Mini-Camp, we have 7 folks committed thus far.  We can accommodate 5 more.  Just as October is a transition month, many serious cyclists resume their training in November and this camp would be a good start towards developing a good base as well as good habits and skills talk by the Master - Coach Frazier.

Also - don't forget to join us for a brisk Saturday FC ART 30 at 10:30am.  We are riding pretty hard after the FB50 A group.  Averaging between 19-21.  Good way to keep that "engine" tuned up!  Smile.


posted 10/5/2011

FC ART – FALL Mini-Camp 
November 4-6, 2011 Hiker’s Hostel, Dahlonega, GA

Frazier Cycling, Inc is developing a series of camps/clinics for adult riders based on their successful “team approach” junior cycling programs.  We are excited to offer our first adult mini-camp at a special reduced price to our newly created FC ART – Frazier Cycling Adult Race Team.
So come “meet your teammates “interested in racing in 2012 and join us in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains for a weekend of riding and fun.  Ralph Frazier will conduct the camp utilizing the Hiker Hostel which is a frequent camp location for professional cycling teams.  Our weekend will include:

  • Team building and camaraderie
  • Lots of fun riding in the mountains
  • Some basic bike skills training and race tactics discussion.
  • Accommodations in a comfortable Mountain Lodge

Cost is $150 per person for two nights lodging and breakfast.  The Lunch/Dinner is on own with a kitchen available for cooking.  Hiker Hostel has modern bunk style sleeping with clean bedding, showers and Wi-Fi.  Arrival noon Friday Nov 4th and departure 1pm Sunday Nov 5th.  12 rider maximum – so we have one bed for Ralph!


Arrival Noon
1:30-4pm Optional 3 gap ride (for those who can get off work for afternoon)
6-9pm Team Welcome Dinner at a Dahlonega local restaurant

7:30- 8:30 Breakfast and FC ART announcements
9-1pm Long ride in the mountains
1-3 Lunch and Goal Setting Activity
3-5 On-Bike Skill building
6-9pm Team Pizza Feast at the Hiker Hostel

7:30- 8:30 Breakfast
9-Noon Long ride in the mountains
1pm – Lunch, checkout and then depart home.

*Clinic overview (1) Racing Techniques - breakaways, blocking, attacking, teamwork, positioning, sprinting, etc.  (2) Bike Handling: touching, balance, control drills, cornering, etc.  (3) Power Testing/coaching, "Periodization" and weekly online website schedule as a training program.

Contact Greg, Brian or Cathy if you want to join us!

posted 10/2/2011

Hey everyone,

We have done three Saturday 30’s now.  The pace has been averaging around 19 mph and has been a nice steady ride.  I think we have dialed in the course pretty well but the timing after the FB 50 is not working right.  So starting this Saturday we will begin the FC ART 30 right after the FB 50 A-group completes their ride.  For FB 50 B-group folks – an option would be to join the 11:30 Ladies and Gents ride if you wish to get more saddle time.  Or do FB50’s on Sat and Sun which will also deepen your base endurance.

Sorry to make this change – but the FC ART 30 ride begins too late otherwise for most folks.

Hope to see y’all there this Saturday.  I will try to not flat or get dropped this weekend…smile.

Greg Hanson

posted 9/26/2011

Announcing our 2012 Equipment Partners


Velocite offers world class bikes and components to our team at amazing prices.  We will be doing a Team booking November 1st for January 1st delivery from Taiwan.  Some items may delivery sooner.  Contact me regarding pricing.

Real Design Wheels are high performance affordable clincher and tubular wheels build by a custom wheel builder in Nashville.  Philip is flexible to our needs and he makes a great wheel at great prices.The discount starts this Fall.  Contact me regarding pricing discount details.

posted 9/26/2011

Looking for bike

Hey everyone, I have a friend that is looking for a good used road bike.  He is going to need either a 52cm or 54cm.  His budget is $1200 or less.  If you have one you are looking to sell, let me know.  Brian Herbert (678) 372-7365

posted 9/20/2011

Pro Bike Discount available.....FC ART Men - ARE WE INTERESTED??

Adult Men racers - as I mentioned at the BBQ, Velocite Bikes has offered our team an opportunity to purchase their world-class carbon road bikes, wheels and components with a Pro discount. I have owned 4 of their bikes and they are superb machines. I am sending this post to see if anyone thinks we should pursue this. By voting your support - you are not obligated to buy. But we need to know if there is interest. Thanks.....this is their amazing new bike. The Helios  Email or call....678-778-4887

posted 9/19/2011

For any FC-ART folks that are interested in "Cross", here is the schedule.
Apparently their are around 12 FCP Juniors and Adults planning to race.

Georgia Cross Series Schedule

2011 race schedule (see race flyer for directions and event details)

Oct. 2 - Dalton - Race Flyer

Oct. 9 - Sandy Beach Park, Macon

Oct. 22 - OSP, Savannah

Oct. 23 - OSP, Savannah

Oct. 29 - Elks-Aidemore, Conyers

Oct. 30 - GIHP, Conyers

Nov. 6 - Centennial High School, Roswell - Race Flyer

Nov. 12 - Life College, Marietta

Nov. 13 - Jim R. Miller, Marietta

Dec. 4 - Fort Yargo, Winder (State Championship)

Dec. 11 - Lake Olmstead, Augusta

Dec. 18 - Serenbe Inn, Palmetto

posted 9/19/2011

Six Gap Criterium - this Saturday 9/24/11

The Six Gap Criterium in Dahlonega, GA will be the final event on the inaugural Georgia Championship Series (GCS). Downtown Dahlonega will be the scene for nearly five hours of exciting criterium action and the course will include the square, providing a great setting for the final stop on the 2011 series.
Racing begins a 4:30 PM with the Juniors and ends with the Men’s Pro-Am, which kicks off at 8:30 PM.
Online registration is available now through SportsBaseOnline.

posted 9/19/2011

2012 Frazier Cycling Adult Race Team (aka FC ART)


The Frazier Adult Race Team is for ALL adult FCP members that want to race in 2012.  We have racers interested in all categories Men’s Cat 4/5, Cat 3, Cat 2, Men’s Masters and Women racing!  We invite FCP members to consider our adult team and welcome potential racers interested in joining Frazier Cycling because we have the best organized training format for new or experienced road bike racers!


We have many adults including former Junior racers, Master’s racers, potential Women racers, and developing FCP Adult racers that need a supportive environment to develop as riders. Look at the results the juniors have attained with the Frazier “formula” – our FCP adults have great potential to succeed in racing as well!


Well – we will start small and dream big!  Frazier Cycling has already structured solid top notch year round training and it’s nationally recognized junior team is at every race.  The Greenville races are 6 months away so we have plenty of time to organize and train for 2012 racing.  Here’s a sampling of adult racing activities that we are planning…

  1. Saturday Morning Base training – Starting September 17th after completing the FB50 – interested FCP riders can join our Adult Race Team folks for an additional 30 miles.  It will be 18-20 mph endurance zone training to attain a solid 4 + hour total training dose.
  2. Winter Bike League participation – Starting in December - for those adult racers that wish to experience the WBL, several elite juniors and adults will be participating.  The Saturday Base training (#1) will continue as outlined if you don’t have time for an all-day WBL event.
  3. Skills Training – Frazier Cycling offers effective race training on Saturday and Sunday afternoon as well as Wednesday evenings to all FCP members.
  4. Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 Training Camp Weekends – We know adults may have a hard time getting away so we hope to find FCP Adult Racers interested in a long weekend of skill training, race tactics education, TT/endurance training, plus race goal setting and FUN!  Ralph and Cathy would facilitate these camps.  We are looking at early November in Helen for our first camp…..details forthcoming.
  5. FCP Adult Race Team Blog – That is what you are looking at!!!!!  Communication is essential so all Race Team members feel involved.We will communicate events, introduce new members, and share race results.
  6. 2012 Race Calendar…..TBD….stay tuned
  7. If you have any announcements or tips for the team….send to

Cathy Frazier, Frazier Cycling, Inc.
Brian Herbert, Men’s Cat 4
Nick Frazier, Men’s Cat 3 U23
Greg Hanson, Men’s Masters, Cat 3
Johnny Mayero, Men’s Cat 4