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Frazier Cycling Juniors Open Race Season


By Susan O'Donnell


March 1, 2010



 With no snow in sight and the sun shining, the Frazier Cycling Juniors were eager to hit the Silver Comet Trail on Saturday, February 20th to kick off the 2010 season at the 8th annual Lillie Glass Blower Tundra Time Trial.  The Youth/Junior 10-14 Course was 6 miles, the Junior 15-17/Category racers competed for 12 miles. 

Youth 9-11:  3rd Adi Gummadi 20:55, 4th Anthony Philips 21:00, 5th Joe Rosentel III 21:44

Junior Women's 10-12:   1st Abigail Aldridge 17:30

Junior Men's 10-12: 1st Teja Gummadi, 17:06, 4th Alexander Dijkema 18:55, 5th Rishi Mocherla 19:36

Junior Men's 13-14:   1st Philip O’Donnell 13:59, 4th Miguel Gonzalez 17:43, 5th Fletcher Lydick 17:53

Junior Men's 15-18:  1st Gustavo Gonzalez 28:47, 2nd David Goodman 29:13, 3rd Andrew Macrae 29:13, 4th Russell Tindol 30:59, 5th Andrew Hodges 32:06, 6th Sam Tomaka 32:36, 8th Ben Rothschild 33:35,  9th Jonathan Cucaz 34:06

Men's Cat 3:  Ethan Zehr finished with a 33:52

Women's Cat 3:  1st Zoe Frazier time of 33:24

Women's Cat 4:  5th Dominique Shore 32:29,   12th Stephanie Cucaz  36:04

 In addition to our Juniors, 13 adults competed in the Category time trial, which gave us 37 entries in the race.  Once again, Frazier Cycling had more entries than any other participating club.  Joe Rosentel brought home the  3rd place medal with his 29:57 in the Men's Cat. 1-2 division.

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The warm sunshine continued into Sunday where the Juniors raced in the Hincapie Greenville Spring Training Series.  It was a great day for the team.  A total of 21 FC Juniors competed on the track at the BMW Performance Center.   The team members had successful and fun races.  Results as follows: 

 Junior 10-12 (combined women & men)

2nd Teja Gummadi, 4th James Todd, 6th Adi Gummadi, 7th Rishi Mocherla, 10th Anthony Phillips

 Juniors 13-14 (combined women & men)

1st Philip O’Donnell, 7th Fletcher Lydick, 12th Abigail Aldridge, 13th Alexander Wexler, 14th Miguel Gonzalez.

Junior Men's 15-18

2nd David Goodman, 7th Andrew Macrae, followed by teammates Gustavo Gonzalez, Sam Tomaka, Andrew Hodges, Russell Tindol, Ethan Zehr, Nick Frazier, Ben Rothschild, Jonathan Cucaz

Women's Cat 1-3 & 4

Zoe Frazier placed 2nd in Women's Cat 1-3 and Dominique Shore sprinted to a 1st place finish in Cat 4.   Stephanie Cucaz also had a stellar performance in Cat 4 but, after a wheel bump, went down in the final two laps.

Men's Cat 3 & 4

The men’s Cat 3 riders worked well together.  The riders kept David Goodman in the leading break allowing him to place 7th.  Remaining members Philip O’Donnell and Andrew Macrae finished in the middle of the pack.  Cat 4 riders also kept a great pace. 

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Thanks to all the FC friends, family, and sponsors for providing the support needed to race!