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2010 Sunny King Criterium


By Susan O'Donnell


April 23, 2010


Frazier Cycling Juniors had  11 top finishes in Anniston’s Sunny King Criterium held on April 17th!  Congrats to all FC Junior Racers.  It was fun to watch everyone come around on the Jumbo Tron! Thanks to the folks at Sunny King for hosting a great race for juniors.


After several  well timed attacks on the combined Junior Boys 10-14 field, James Todd place 1st in the Junior Boys 10-12 .  Alexander Dijkema placed 2nd.  Team mates Adi Gummadi, Teja Gummadi , Rishi Mocherla and Anthony Phillips also finished strong.


Philip O’Donnell attacked the lead riders with seven laps to go and was able to hold the lead and placed 1st  in the Junior Men 13-14.  Fletcher Lydick placed 4th and Alex Wexler placed 6th.


Working together, Andrew Macrae and Andrew Hodges placed 1st and 2nd in the Junior Men  15-16.  Finishing strong, Sam Tomaka and Ben Rothschild placed 5th and 6th.


In the Junior Men 17-18, a Frazier quadruple sweep was led by David Goodman, Russell Tindol, Ethan Zehr, and Nick Frazier.


Corinne Dalley placed 1st in the Junior Women 10-12.  Teammates Sophie Wakelin and Caleigh Hebert placed 3rd and 4th in the Junior Women 13-14.


Turning to Category races, Zoe Frazier road hard to win the Women Cat 3 race, picking up all five primes along the way!  In the Women Cat 4, Stephanie Cucaz placed 1st and Dominique Shore 3rd.  Abigail Aldridge and Nina Gummadi followed.


The largest field of the day was the Men Cat 2/3 race with 116 cyclists.  Philip O’Donnell was able to stay with the peloton and place 11th in the combined the Men 2-3 field which translated to placing 2nd in the Cat 3 field.  Teammate David Goodman managed to maneuver around a field crash and placed 15th in the Cat 3 field.  Completing the Men’s category racing, Andrew Hodges placed 12th in the Men’s Cat 4 field.


Thanks to our coaches, parents, sponsors and team for supporting us last weekend!


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