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Tour of the Bahamas - WAGNER!!!

Andrew Macrae, James Todd, and Teja Gummadi dominate Juniors


Ralph Frazier


January 31, 2011


Five Frazier Cycling juniors competed in the 8th Annual Tour of the Bahamas on Saturday, January 29th, and Sunday, January 30th, in Nassau.  Our team members were:

  • Zoe Frazier, 16

  • Teja Gummadi, 13

  • Andrew Macrae, 16

  • Dominique, 15

  • James Todd, 13

Andrew Macrae won the overall championship for the Juniors 15-16 Age Group while James Todd was the Juniors 10-14 Age Group overall champion with Teja Gummadi taking the silver prize in that same age group.

There were three events in the tour: a 2.7-mile individual time trial, an 18-mile circuit race, and a 24-mile road race.  Both junior age groups, 15-16 and 10-14, were started together in the two mass start races.

In Saturday's first race, Andrew "Wagner" Macrae was the overall winner of the 2.7-mile time trial, beating Jay Majors, Bahamas Junior National Champion Men's 15/16, by 13 seconds.  In Saturday's second race, an eighteen mile circuit race, Andrew Macrae won again in a sprint finish.  On Sunday, James Todd capped Frazier Cycling's sweep by winning the 24-mile road race.


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